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[BAGEL] Eyelashes Essence & Tonic - 1pack (2items)
[BAGEL] Eyelashes Essence & Tonic - 1pack (2items)

[BAGEL] Eyelashes Essence & Tonic - 1pack (2items)

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Eyelashes Essence & Tonic
The Eyelash Extension has been essential part like a make-up.
Eyelash extensions have long been an essential element of makeup.
Healthy eyelashes are essential for eyelash extension,
but eyelash extensions have an adverse effect on eyelash health.
Because glue and remover damage pores and lead to hair loss.
Bagel solves this problem with the eyelash nutrient.
There is no preservative and it is harmless to the human body and eyelashes.
The bagel contains 80% ‘Houttuynia cordata’ extract instead of purified water,
which further improves the effect.

So What? The satisfaction by choosing BAGEL Why?

Most of basic cosmetics contain the Purified Water.
Recently, consumers gain the information easily, quickly and much before buying.
Do customers prefer cosmetics that contain a lot of water???
*BAGEL contains ‘Houttuynia cordata’ instead of ‘Purified Water' *
Improve the effect and consumer’s satisfaction from ingredients.

Eyelash is always exposed to its loss by
fine Dust, Make-up, BAGEL contains 80% ‘Houttuynia cordata.’
This ingredient resolve the loss by
neutralizing the toxin and removing the Acarus folliculorum.

Effect? Of course, BAGEL is effective faster than other products.
Because of containing natural ingredients.
[How to use]
Two times a day,
apply tonic and essence to your eyelash in the morning and evening
after washing your face by brushing along the base of eyelash.
Tonic(eye-line type) supplies the nutrients by brushing along the eyelash root.
Essence(Mascara type) supplies nutrients by brushing along the eyelash.
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- Contents : 1pack (2items)

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