[HERA] Cell Bio Cream - 50ml
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[HERA] Cell Bio Cream - 50ml

Cell Bio Cream
A cream that comprehensively treats skin problems for brighter
& younger looking skin.
Live with completely changed skin that’s much brighter!
Cell Bio Omnifocus, the next-generation anti aging ingredient that brings
youth to each skin cell.
HERA noticed that skin problems do not occur separately, but all at the same time.
For this reason, it developed an innovative ingredient that works on
multiple skin problems in one go.
One factor chosen from among the 10,000 possible factors through
87,600 hours of research.
Cell Bio Omnifocus is HERA’s next generation anti aging ingredient that mimics
key cell functions for comprehensive treatment of skin problems.
It changes the rules of how the skin works. With patents in five countries
(Korea, US, France, Japan and China), HERA has gained international
recognition for its technological prowess.
[Korean Patent No. 0482668, US Patent No. 6,916,844,
European (French) Patent No. 1515966, Chinese Patent
No.ZL03814632.0 and Japanese Patent No.4398367]
Your skin will look and feel different the next morning.
Its nutrient rich texture works fast to make your skin look and feel different the
next morning. It improves the skin in seven key respects
(skin tone, complexion, density, suppleness, glow, moisture and clarity)
to make you feel confident in beautiful skin.
[How to use]
How to apply
Apply on the face in the cream step of your skincare routine in the morning
and at night and cup your face in hands to help the skin absorb the cream.
Use CELL BIO CREAM with special gauze once a week after using the toner.
You can use extra skincare products depending on your skin type.
Put the gauze on the middle finger in a diamond shape, hold it with index
and ring fingers and put 1ml of CELL BIO CREAM (the size of two ginkgo nuts)
using a spatula after using the toner.
Apply cream on the face, working from the inside outwards,
like you're wiping the skin with gauze, avoiding the sensitive skin around the eyes.
Spread the gauze across both cheeks and nose and leave it for three minutes.
Then, remove the gauze and gently pat the skin to help the skin absorb the cream.
- Condition : NEW
- Contents : 50ml
# Please Bear in Mind That Photo May Slightly Different From Actual Item in Terms of Color
Due to the Lighting During Photo Shooting or the Monitor's Display
# MFD or EXP?
Date on the product can be EITHER the manufactured date OR the expiration date.
If you see the Korean word "제조," then it is the manufactured date.
If you see the Korean word "까지," then it is the expiration date.

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