[FOODAHOLIC] Foam Cleansing - 180ml (New)
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[FOODAHOLIC] Foam Cleansing - 180ml (New)

Foam Cleansing
A form cleansing pruduct that gives healhy skin and refreshing feeling by
controlling sebum and keratin inside the skin pores and leaving your skin moist.

#Fresh Water Cucumber
Fresh Water Cucumber Foam Cleansing cleanses skin wastes with its creamy
and rich foam, and provides moisture using skinsoothing extract foam cucumbers.
It helps maintain your skin moist and smooth by providing cool feeling
and refreshing aroma of cucumbers.

#Gentle Refresh Green Gram
Gentle Refresh Green Gram Foam Cleansing removes the skin wastes inside
the skin pores with its rich and delicate foams.
And the extract from green gram will make your skin more bright and smooth
by cleansing the skin pores.

#Daily Purifying Charcoal
Its rich and smooth foam removes the makeup residue, and the extract of charcoal
powder and chamomile leaves removes and purifies the waste inside skin pores,
sebum and unnecessary corneous tissue.

#Beyond Natural Brown Rice
Beyond Natural Brown Rice Foam Cleansing will make your skin moist and
elastic using the extract from brown rice that soothes the stressed skin.
Smooth and rich foams cleanse keratin and residues of a make up to make
your skin healthier.

#Red Ginseng Skin Relaxation
Its delicate and smooth foam cleanses your skin refreshingly, and it is a oriental
herbal foam cleansing that contains the extract of red ginseng and Portulaca Oleracea,
which elps the dried skin to become glossy again.

#Green Tea Fresh Soothing
Fresh Soothing Green Tea Foam Cleansing removes the skin wastes
and residues of a makeup inside the skin pores with its rich foams.
And the extract from green tea, which soothes the skin,
will give you the moist and soft feeling after washing up your face with it.
[How to use]
Take the substance in moderation and make foams in the palm of your hands.
Rub it in your face like massaging softly, and then wash it up with tepid water.
- Options :
#Charcoal Daily Purifying
#Brown Rice Beyond Natural
#Cucumber Fresh Water
#Green Tea Fresh Soothing
#Aloe Smoothie
- Condition : NEW
- Contents : 180ml (New)
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