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[Klairs_$1 LIMITED] Toner Mate 2 In 1 Cotton Pad - 1pack (120pcs)
[Klairs_$1 LIMITED] Toner Mate 2 In 1 Cotton Pad - 1pack (120pcs)

[Klairs_$1 LIMITED] Toner Mate 2 In 1 Cotton Pad - 1pack (120pcs)

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Toner Mate 2 In 1 Cotton Pad - 1pack (120pcs)
Double the effects of your current skin care routine with the help
of the compressed cotton pad and sponge cotton pads.
Your new one-step gentle exfoliation and cleansing solution.

* Compressed cotton pad : 100% cotton for soft, smooth skin.
A certified 100% pure cotton pad designed for the Klairs toner,
compressed 5 times with the waterjet process.
Wipe away irritants and gently exfoliate for soft, smooth skin.
Use before other skin care products to help aid absorption.
Increase hydration, decrease product waste.

* Sponge pad : Increase hydration, decrease the amount of product used.
Air laid pulp fabric designed to act like a sponge.
Doesn't absorb the product fully, but soaks up the toner
to effectively deliver the full hydration to the skin.
Rather than wiping, use a patting motion to calm and cool irritated skin.

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[How to use]
First, after cleansing, soak the Compressed cotton pad thoroughly
with the Klairs toner and gently wipe the face, removing any irritants.
Then soak the sponge pad with an adequate amount of the toner
and gently pat the skin, allowing absorption.
- Condition : NEW
- Contents : 1pack (120pcs)
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