W-[MERBLISS] Wedding Dress Mask - 1pack (5pcs) No.Intense Hydration Coating x 10ea
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W-[MERBLISS] Wedding Dress Mask - 1pack (5pcs) No.Intense Hydration Coating x 10ea

Wedding Dress Mask
#Intense Hydration Coating
This face mask helps to brighten up skin tone and to deliver a global anti-aging
treatment: super hydration, elasticity improvement, anti-wrinkle, smooth skin.
Delicately manufactured with a top-quality fiber, this mask is soft like silk
and deliver skin care ingredients more comfortably and effectively, deep in the skin.
This ultra-thin sheet mask (0,21mm) adhere closely to the skin, offers a easy
and fast application on all face.

#Aloe Honey Soothing
This sheet mask provides healing for sun damaged skin.
Gentle enough for all skin types, including sensitive skin
Replenishes and soothes irritated skin
Using Aloe, Honey, Cucumber, and Propolis, this Merbliss Aloe Soothing sheet mask
instantly soothes the skin irritated from UV rays and external stimuli, and relive
the skin from dryness by deep moisturzing, and tightens the enlarged pore
with cooling effect, leaves the skin refreshed without stickiness.
Micro-fiber mask sheet derived from eucalyptus trees adheres to the skin seamlessly,
which allows ampoule with rich active ingredients to be delivered for optimal results.
Aloe vera extract provides excellent moisturising and soothing benefits while honey
extract packed with vitamins that helps improve skin elasticity.
Cucumber extract helps reduce skin heat while pulling out unwanted debris,
revealing clean and refreshened skin.

#Ruby Ultra Vitalizing
Recharging and vitalize skin for the beautifying healthy look
Supply nutrition and vitamins to fill the essential nutrients to your skin
Get healthier, brighter skin with the Merbliss Wedding Dress Ruby Ultra
Vitalizing Micro-Fiber Sheet Mask. This beautiful sheet mask contains
genuine Ruby Powder (80ppm) which provides strengthening and nourishing
benefits for a plumper, more youthful complexion! It’s also enriched
with Cherry Blossom Extract & Ginger Root Extract to naturally energize
and brighten your face. Its micro-fiber sheet allows for a seamless delivery
of nutrients from mask to face.
[How to use]
After cleansing, center mask on face and smooth over skin.
Leave on for 15-20 minutes.
- Condition : NEW
- Contents : 1pack (5pcs) #Intense Hydration Coating

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