Privacy Policy

1. Preface
a. This privacy policy has the regulations of T.O.M Co.,Ltd. for user’s private information and privacy policy.
b. Private information is the information about an individual, that is, the information that can identify a certain individual with detailed data like names, address and so on. ( It also includes the information that cannot identify a person by itself, but that can do together with other information)
c. Please frequently confirm this policy when you use our site.
d. Our company has the right to modify, edit, add and delete this policy at our think best.

2. The agreement for collection of private information
a. You need to agree with all the regulations and terms of our site when you use our service.
b. If a user uses our service, our company considers that he or she agrees with the regulation of private information collection.
c. Purpose for collection and use of private information.
    - Some part of our service is available without membership, but we are collecting private information to offer the best service according to user’s characteristics and a various kind of membership service.
    - We don’t disclose user’s private information to third parties without agreement.
    - However, if the information is needed for statistical treatment, academic research, market research and so on, some parts can be offered, not able to be identified.
d. The methods and details of collecting private information
    - On the process of joining membership, you should enter necessary information online like names, Zip code, job and so on for us to offer service.
    - To offer better service according to user’s characteristics, you can enter some information as you want such as interests, e-mail address, address, cell phone number, etc.
    - For paid services for members, you should also enter some of additional information needed after finishing to enter the basic information.
    - In addition to this, sometimes, during questionnaire or special event, you need to enter your information as you want on the purpose of statistical treatment or special prize.
    - There are some cases that you need to enter your information or sometimes you are collected automatically by some web sites or ad linked to our site, but our policy is not applicable for this cases. So please be careful.
e. Period of keeping private information
If a user joins our membership after passing the procedure, our company keep and use his or her information at the same time for offering services according to characteristics, while the member is using our service.
f. Disclosure and share private information
Our company use user’s information within the limit of representing it as ‘B’, and we ask him or her for agreement in advance. And, we don’t use the information for other purpose or disclose it outside. But, the reasonable exceptions are as below.
    - If a user agrees with the disclosure of information in advance.
    - If a user violates the regulation or terms of our service and the related law
    - If there are some possibilities that a user causes a mental and physical loss to others,
    - If there are some evidences that we need to disclose the user who is potential to cause some troubles.
    - If it is based on other related laws
      Our company can only share users’ information with third parties on the purposes of researching, developing and offering better services.
g. Management of private information by users (Lookups, modifying, cancellation, etc)
    - Users can check, modify or cancel his or her information as you want.
    - Users can stop using the membership or cancel it. The canceled information by users will be immediately discarded not to be used or checked.
h. Management of private information
    - Responsibility for management of user’s password belongs to the user, so please make sure that password is not known to third parties.
    - Logout online before closing the browser is highly recommended when you finish using a computer. Especially in the circumstances such as workplace, school, library, internet café, etc, the place that you share the computer with other people, please remind that you should follow the above steps to protect from the leakage of private information.
i. Private information consultation
   Our company accepts your opinion or request for private information protection. Please contact the person in charge of legal affairs

Supplementary provision
• Jur 1st, 2014, enforced